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In the area of labor and social security law you need an experienced partner at your side. You are already in the right place, book your appointment now.


Starting a New Employment Relationships

We will guide you through the entire hiring process and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Collective Agreement Classifications

At the beginning of the employment relationship, it is necessary to classify the employee(s) in the wage or salary schedule. Play it safe and leave these matters to our professionals.


Employment/Service Contracts

What types of service contracts are there? Which service contract is applicable in my case? What do I have to pay attention to? These and many more questions on the topic of "contracts" will be answered by our trained employees.


Payroll Accounting

Leave the payroll of your employees in experienced hands and sit back.


Annual Financial Reviews

We also take care of your annual payroll reports incl. L16, municipal tax return, control and reconciliation of monthly reports.


Consulting and Optimization

We advise you on the optimization of your wage and salary costs. Together with you, we analyze and plan the possibilities of tax- and SV-free salary components, as well as possible benefits for your employees.

Through our **DIGITAL FIRST** approach, we are committed to eliminating paperwork. Payroll accounting is exclusively electronic and digital - thus effective, fast, and environmentally friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious? Read through some of our FAQs or contact us for help

Employees are registered by means of remote data transmission and must be returned before the start of work. A retrospective deregistration can be made up to 7 days after the deregistration date at the latest.

    On-site registration, by fax on 05 0766-1461 or by telephone on 05 0766-1460 are all possible according to the Guidelines on Exceptions to Reporting by Remote Data Transmission (RMDFÜ). However, the correct notification must be made within 7 days.

      In order to be able to register properly, we need the following documents:
      • Information about wages/salaries and the extent of working hours
      • ID card and, if applicable, valid work permit for third-country nationals
      • Meldezettel
      • Ecard

      The total costs of an employee depend on his gross salary. The gross wage and the ancillary wage costs, which the employer has to bear, result in the total monthly costs. The Haude Gross Net Calculator provides you with an overview or calculator of the costs.
      Link:Gross-Net Calculator (haude.at)

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